This one is Garen's fault. He uncovered this internet meme, in which people draw Batgirl in their own style. Most of the people involved, like Garen, are proper artists, but I thought I'd have a go anyway.
This isn't actually Batgirl, or at least it's not any of the many versions of the character that have appeared in comics or on the big or small screens over the years. I thought I'd approach it as if there was no established Batgirl, and that I was the one tasked with inventing the character. Ultimate Batgirl, if you will.
This young Gothamite is a bit of a prodigy with a talent for inventing, as well as being a big fan of Batman. So one day she decides to join him in his crusade against crime, and builds herself a number of gadgets, including the bat-wing gliding harness you can see in the picture.
This started out as a preliminary sketch, but one that I liked so much that I just decided to ink and colour it anyway. If I did a finished version, I could tighten up the linework quite a bit (this was also my very first attempt at inking with a brush) and perhaps put a background in, but it wouldn't look too different as a whole, and the idea of spending too much time and effort on it strikes me almost as cheating somehow.