Nige Lowrey likes to do these pieces in which he takes a superhero or some other kind of costumed character and creates a montage image of the character in their various guises. I decided to challenge Nige by asking him to have a go at a montage of Captain Marvel, because there are not only a number of characters with that name, but there are also a number of versions of each of those characters, and even more characters who are associated with the name. As an extra incentive, I told Nige that I'd also have a go at the image. You can find Nige's version at his site and mine is below. These Marvels can't leave well enough alone, and in the time since Nige and I did our pictures, the Marvel Clan has expanded by at least five or six members.

I suppose you'll want some help identifying them, eh?

1: Fatman the Human Flying Saucer, a 1967 invention of the original creators of the Shazam Captain Marvel; 2: Captain Thunder, an alternate-reality version of the Shazam Marvel that, for some unknown reason, appeared in an issue of Superman in place of the original character; 3: Published in 1966, between the Fawcett/DC version and the Marvel version, the MF Comics Captain Marvel could split his body into independently-operating bits; 4: Thunder Bunny, either a version of Captain Marvel himself or Hoppy the Marvel Bunny, from Charlton and later Archie Comics; 5: Captain Marbles, a parody of the Shazam Captain Marvel, used in a 1953 Mad satire of the lawsuit between DC and Fawcett that ended with the Shazam Captain Marvel ceasing publication and, eventually, being bought by DC; 6: Mighty Man, an amalgamation of sorts of the Marvel and DC versions of Captain Marvel, from Erik Larsen's Savage Dragon family of comics; 7: Prime, a Shazam Captain Marvel analogue from the Malibu Comics universe.
8: The Black Marvel, Golden Age Marvel Comics character and in his later years a mentor to the teen heroes the Slingers; 9: Young Marvelman/Miracleman, sidekick to Marvelman/Miracleman; 10: Captain Miracle, a 60's redrawn version of Marvelman/Miracleman; 11: CeCe Beck, or Thunder, a recipient of the Shazam Captain Marvel powers from the 90th century; 12: Marvelwoman/Miraclewoman; 13: The Blue Marvel, deranged clone of the Robert Grayson Marvel Boy; 14: Captain Thunder, a proposal for a version of the Shazam Captain Marvel from DC's Earth-One; 15: Hoppy the Marvel Bunny/Captain Marvel Bunny/Marvel Bunny/Hoppy, an animal version of the Shazam Captain Marvel.
16: Dudley Marvel, the non-powered uncle of the Shazam Captain Marvel's civilian identity, who likes to dress up in a Captain Marvel costume for some unspecified reason; 17: Marvelman, based on the Shazam Captain Marvel, renamed to Miracleman due to a later lawsuit from Marvel Comics, and famously revamped by Alan "God of Comics" Moore during the 80's; 18: Warbird, who started out as Ms Marvel, a sidekick of sorts to Marvel Comics' first Captain Marvel, and who went by the name Captain Marvel in 2005, in the House of M alternate reality; 19: Kid Marvelman/Miracleman, an even younger sidekick to Marvelman/Miracleman who turned evil in Alan Moore's version; 20: Sharon Ventura, the She-Thing, who has also gone by the name Ms Marvel.
21: Vance Astrovik, or Justice, former New Warrior and Avenger who has gone by the name Marvel Boy in the past; 22: The X-Men's Jean Grey, who was known as Marvel Girl when she wore this costume; 23: Mary Marvel, sister to the Shazam Captain Marvel; 24: Black Adam, the sort-of enemy and rival of the Shazam Captain Marvel; 25: Another Marvel Comics Marvel Boy, Robert Grayson became a founding member of a 1950's version of the Avengers, turned "evil", and later died in battle with the Fantastic Four, upon which his Quantum Bands fell into the hands of the hero Quasar, then a non-powered secret agent; 26: Marvel Boy, a Marvel Comics character from 1940; 27: David Bank, who took on Justice's old costume and superhero name; 28: Captain Marvel Junior, sidekick to the Shazam Captain Marvel; 29: Noh-Varr, a Kree/cockroach hybrid from the alternate reality of Grant Morrison's Marvel Boy comic; 30: The version of Jean Grey, or Marvel Girl, from Marvel's Ultimate imprint.
31: The original Captain Marvel, originally published by Fawcett, now published by DC, who can only be published under the name Shazam! due to Marvel seizing the trademark on the Captain Marvel name during the character's hiatus between publishers; 32: Marvel's Quasar, who has gone under the names Marvel Boy and Marvel Man, and wears the Quantum Bands of the Robert Grayson Marvel Boy; 33: The Captain Marvel brought about by the mid-90's Amalgam Comics collaboration by Marvel and DC, and as such a mixture of Mar-Vell and the Shazam Captain Marvel; 34: Marvel Comics' 1943 rejigging of their Marvel Boy character; 35: The first Marvel Captain Marvel, Mar-Vell of the Kree Empire; 36: The second Marvel Captain Marvel, Monica Rambeau, briefly called Photon, now called Pulsar or something; 37: The third Marvel Captain Marvel (and son of the first), Genis Vell, now called Photon after taking Captain Marvel II's name for the second time.