Brad the Vampire

Brad The Vampire is a long-running webcomic about a young vampire (obviously) and his friends which steers clear of the usual vampire story clichés in favour of a comedy soap opera approach. The writer/artist, Richard Bellingham, asked me if I wanted to contribute a guest strip or two, and suggested a flashback that would bridge two scenes that he'd previously hinted were connected, but had never got around to actually connecting himself. I agreed, and promptly failed to do anything for over a year. Eventually I turned in the two pages and ran for cover.

It turned out that Richard quite liked the pages I'd done, and we began discussing further ideas for collaboration. What we decided on was something quite ambitious; we'd each produce a single storyline for the comic, and have those storylines crossover regularly before coming together in a grand climax. If you've read the interconnected Judge Dredd stories Doomsday For Dredd and Doomsday For Mega City One, you'll get the idea, because that's where we stole it from!

At the time of building this site, the name of the storyline hadn't been revealed, because it would have given away the identity of the mystery villain. Finally, in 2006, I let the cat out of the bag and revealed the villain to be an old foe the protagonists had thought long defeated.

The links below will open up each of the pages that I've contributed, but you're not going to get the full benefit of the combined story unless you read Richard's half of the story too.

Original Two-Parter Flashback (links #1 with #21): #247 #248

"Turning Japanese (I really think so)": #281

"The Return of Malegant": #316 #317 #324 #325 #339 #340 #396 #397 #411 #412