I illustrated a five page strip for the first issue of this successful anthology, and I hope to one day work with them again. The Wait is not my best work by a long shot. It was rather rushed, and there were a number of errors with the lettering which meant that the editorial team had to re-letter the strip over the top of some dubious photocopies of the original art. The end result was something rather scruffy looking, and I still get twinges of embarrassment looking at it, mainly because I know how good it could have looked if there weren't as many cock-ups along the way. That said, Savant magazine said that this story was the best thing in the book, which is a blatant lie, but it's obviously nice to know that the story, compromised as it was, was enjoyed by at least one reader. And at the end of the day, while there is a level of embarassment involved, I'm very proud of my first published comics work.

Here's the first page. For the rest, you'll have to follow this handy link to the Girly Comic site, and order the book for yourself! Honestly, it's a title that's well worth a look, as it's just got better and better since that first issue.

The Wait, page one

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