The O Men

Even though Stories of O never came to pass, Martin Eden, creator of The O Men, decided to have another go. So with the fifth issue of the second series of the comic, Martin used a mini-anthology format to investigate the origin of one of his new characters. Martin invited some of those involved in the earlier project back, and I was happy to be included on the list.

I got to illustrate the story of a hero called Fluke, someone who'd had a brush with superheroism on many an occasion before finally getting his chance. The script has certain similarities to my earlier Arachnid story, and has a delicious irony running through it, making it quite fun to draw. It was also quite a simple script, with basically the same composition in each panel, but this simplicity presented its own unique challenges.

So here's my contribution. For the rest, you'll have to buy the comic!

Introducing... Fluke!